Lucas and Co Consultants – New Beginnings

Returning to where I began, after 26 years, is a powerful reflection on the journey of life. It’s a story of growth, challenges, and a full-circle moment.

Rodney Street, where I took my first steps into the working world at sixteen, has remained a constant presence in my memory. 

I started my career here on this street as a Trainee Accountant and had my first start in IT as a Systems Accountant for large social housing provider.  The challenges I faced here, the victories I celebrated, and the relationships I forged have all shaped the person I am today.

From there life took me on unexpected detours, leading me to explore different cities and roles. I even made it as far as Perth in Western Australia.

I seized opportunities, and met inspiring individuals who shaped my knowledge in legal tech. Each experience added a layer to my skill base and knowledge of Legal Tech.

I have held a number of high profile roles in my career including being one of the youngest IT Directors for one of the largest conveyancing firms in the country.  My final role before starting Lucas and Co was as the Managing Director at Zeus Tech Solutions where myself and my team supported hundreds of law firms in delivering their Legal Tech ambitions.  I retired from that role in May 2023.

Now, as I return to where it all began, I’m reminded of the strength and adaptability that guided me. The street appears the same, but I’ve grown in wisdom, resilience, and self-awareness. This homecoming is not a step backward; it’s a recognition of the wisdom I’ve gained along the way.

Returning to my roots is a testament to the cyclical nature of life—a reminder that our journey is a mosaic of experiences, and every chapter contributes to our growth.

So, here I am, back where it all started, with gratitude in my heart and the knowledge that the future holds more stories to be written.