Timeline of Citrix Bleed and CTS Issue

Here’s a timeline of the events related to the CTS cyberattack and the Citrix vulnerability (CitrixBleed): Pre-October 17, 2023 Hackers initiate their attack by scanning external networks of target organisations, specifically looking for devices vulnerable to the CitrixBleed exploit. The exploitation of the CitrixBleed vulnerability allows threat actors to bypass password requirements and multifactor authentication, […]

How Proclaim’s Task Server Enhances Legal Workflows

Unlocking Efficient Litigation and Productivity In the fast-paced commoditised world of legal practice, efficiency is the key to success. With Proclaim’s Task Server, the UK legal industry has at its finger tips a game-changing automation tool that streamlines common tasks, saving both time and resources. But in my experience law firms don’t use it correctly, […]

AI and Process Maturity

For the time being, let’s set aside the topic of AI advancements and lets talk about process maturity. I have been providing advice on Legal Tech to law firms of all sizes for over twenty years and one thing that’s been consistent is the differing levels of maturity of processes within legal firms. Its for […]

Transforming Your Law Firm with Robotic Process Automation

The demand for legal services continues to grow, putting immense pressure on legal professionals to streamline their operations while maintaining a high standard of service. Fortunately, advancements in technology have provided the legal sector with innovative solutions, one of which is Robotic Process Automation (RPA). In this article, we will explore how RPA is revolutionising […]

Lucas and Co Consultants – New Beginnings

Returning to where I began, after 26 years, is a powerful reflection on the journey of life. It’s a story of growth, challenges, and a full-circle moment. Rodney Street, where I took my first steps into the working world at sixteen, has remained a constant presence in my memory.  I started my career here on […]